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Give Local 757 makes supporting your community simple and easy all year long. Give to your favorite causes, or discover new ones!
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Thank you Hampton Roads for supporting Give Local 757 nonprofits on May 8th! Over $800,000 was donated in 24 hours to hundreds of local causes. Let's keep the giving going!

You can use 365 days a year as your one-stop shop for local causes. Browse the 200+ nonprofit profiles to find the causes you are most passionate about and support them by making a one-time or recurring donation, volunteering your time and talents, or becoming a fundraiser.

If you or your business would like to partner in the Give Local 757 Initiative to help strengthen our nonprofit community by igniting and growing philanthropy in our region, contact Tammy Flynn, PCF Director of Philanthropy, at

Nonprofits Win

As a Give Local 757 nonprofit, new donors can find and connect with you more easily and through the programs resources and training, you will build your organization’s capacity in fundraising and marketing. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Give Local 757 makes local giving more effective with its searchable database and donor accounts. Year round you can research everything from an organization programs to financials. You can also click on the ‘Login’ button to create an account to track all your local giving in one place.

Grow More Good

Donations made on Hampton Roads 6th Annual Giving Day on May 14th are amplified with cash grants donated by Bank of America and the Peninsula and Hampton Roads Community Foundations which means a $10 donation can be transformed to as much as a $5000 donation.

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