HOSTED BY: Peninsula Community Foundation        Bank of America
Find Your

A big thank you to our donors, nonprofits and sponsors for another successful giving event.

We are now in the process of verifying all gifts and incentives for participating organizations. Once our verification process is complete, we will announce the final numbers (please remember that the current results on the website are still subject to final review and verification).

Thank you again for joining us in this transformational event!

Nonprofits Win

Nonprofits raise unrestricted dollars for their causes and build their capacity in fundraising. To date, $2.7 million has been raised for 100s of local causes.

Grow More Good

Donations are amplified with an INCENTIVE PRIZE POOL donated by the Peninsula Community Foundation and our partners. Many nonprofits also raise additional dollars through matching funds to help your dollars go even further.

Give Two Ways

Schedule your gifts ahead of time starting May 1, 2019 or make donations throughout the day (Have more fun - give both ways!)

Thank you to our sponsors for making Give Local 757 possible!

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