Wildlife Response Inc.

Wildlife Response, Inc. (WRI) is dedicated to the preservation of wildlife through rehabilitation and education. One of the most universal challenges today in the battle to save wild things and wild places is how to bond people to the physical world in a powerful enough way to give them the motivation to want to protect and preserve it.

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WRI, Hampton Roads oldest Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization, was formed in 1992 in response to the increasing numbers of wildlife in need of assistance and the lack of people trained and funded to help them. Since these early years, a multitude of wild birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians have come into care every year and have been helped. Each year as the numbers of animals increase, so does the awareness in the community about how they can help.
"It's awesome that there are people in the world who do this out of the kindness of their hearts" - Eve

"This group makes a difference in the world. Glad I have connected with them and am enjoying being a part of the new refuge build." - Doug

"An amazing place taking beautiful shape that will save the lives of so many wild species" - Kristina

"They are so awesome! I brought them an injured bird and he was taken care of immediately! Love them!" - Karen