Walk In It Inc.

We encourage, empower, and equip girls and women to be holistically healthy and strong: educationally, emotionally, socially, and physically. Reaching over 600 girls each month at 19 schools Walk In It's Ladies of Distinction Program is impacting lives, improving academics, enhancing life skills, increasing healthy self-esteem, supporting parents, and transforming communities one step at a time.

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Walk In It Inc. was founded in 2004 by Jennell Riddick, Walk In It Inc. Executive Director. As a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and mentor for several years Riddick created the organization to affect positive change in girls and women on a wider more consistent basis.
Ladies of Distinction (L.O.D.) was the pilot program of the organization and was offered as a community initiative to Franklin High School prior to the organization's official launch. L.O.D. now operates in 20 schools and serves over 600 girls monthly. Over the course of the ten years that L.O.D. has been offered, over four thousand girls have been impacted.
In 2014, the Ladies of Distinction program was awarded the Star Partner Award for Suffolk City Public Schools at the Partners in Education Ceremony. Only the top three programs among over 100 community partners were chosen to receive this honor.
Also, in 2014, Raising Excellent Daughters (R.E.D.) was developed out of the need to serve the mothers of the girls enrolled in L.O.D. R.E.D. connects daughters and moms through empowerment conferences, interactive sessions and exposure events.
Jennell Riddick have received numerous awards for service including the 2016 Community Service Woman of the Year. In 2017, she was awarded the Suffolk Parks and Recreation Outstanding Mentor Award. Also, five L.O.D. participants graduated junior college with their associates degree before they graduated high school and 88% of girls enrolled experienced fewer or no behavioral infractions. 65% showed improved by at least one letter grade in targeted/core areas of Math, Science and English and 90% of graduating seniors are attending college.
Lastly, for 14 years, W.I.T. has hosted the Healthy Relationships Conference designed to celebrate, encourage and understand the importance of self-identity, choosing friends wisely, healthy dating and respectively relating with peers and adults.
"In the past seven years that I have been active in the Ladies of Distinction program, I have become a true and confident young lady. When I was younger, prior to my start in Ladies of Distinction, I lacked confidence in myself. I let others treat me like I was worthless so I started to believe the same thing because of this. It was hard for me to accept myself when others constantly pushed me to the side, but because of this great program, I learned to love myself and accept myself for who I was flaws and all. It no longer mattered what people had to say about me because I knew who I was. My confidence levels, to this day, are at the highest they have ever been. Seven years ago, I would have never thought that I would be transformed into this confident, intelligent, and beautiful young lady that I am now. I decided to give life another chance because of this program and I am grateful that I did." Layla Freeman, SHS Senior