NATASHA House, Inc

To empower and equip homeless women with children to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

The NATASHA House offers two critical programs-on-site transitional housing (up to 2 yrs) and Out Reach Services Program (clients at-risk of losing their housing & and at-risk youth 5-18 yrs) that address the problems of poor physical health, economic instability, and the barriers related to obtaining housing.

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We focus our support and training in nutrition, health, social skills, career exploration, employment, volunteerism, housing, and achievement of Lifework Plan goals and by providing comprehensive rehabilitative support services with the goal of the families becoming self-sufficient, civically engaged, and permanently housed in the community. Our clients have become or are in training to be accountants, pharmacy techs, personal care aides, data entry techs, teachers, medical billing & coding specialists, early childhood educators, medical receptionists, corrections officers, cosmetologists, project managers, certified nursing assistants, nurses, culinary arts specialists, warehouse workers, retail mangers, and cashiers; 25 clients completed their goals and graduated the program and three are now homeowners.

Since opening in 2010, we've housed over 76 women and 140 children with 85% of those who moved out remaining in their own housing; 36% were York County Residents, 4% were from Poquoson & Gloucester, 54% from Newport News, and 7% from Hampton. Eleven percent of the 76 women were Veterans and we've served over 300 women and children in the outreach program.

In 2016, we launched the Creative Healing Arts Therapy portion of our program and began offering music & art therapy, creating products, and providing self-esteem and advocacy training for at-risk youth ages 5 to 18 yrs.
"The financial classes at NATASHA House have tremendously changed my outlook on a dollar. I realize how important it is to save for a rainy day. If the budget says no, don't buy it!
Secondly, I learned to accept change in a positive way. There were many things in my life I needed to change to help me better myself...The staff and the volunteers really help make a difference in my life. I felt so loved and cared about...Today, I can say, I love myself!" --Veteran Cook

"I made it, but my journey was not easy. I am officially a homeowner!...My one thing I want to share - that keep pushing and striving....keeping God first and the support of the Natasha House women that are and have been in my shoes can achieve anything. I love you Mrs. Brown for everything, for telling me the good and bad and for never giving up on me." E. Howard--Outreach Graduate & current Financial Manager

"Our year long stay at the Natasha House gave us a golden opportunity to talk to so many interesting people and to come still closer to each other as a family and in return gain some very sincere lifelong friends, while learning some never to be forgotten values... The programs which we had to participate in and the training sessions we had to attend seemed a bit much for someone of my age but I still managed to learn and help others...I feel helping and directing others is the one thing I am good at; I found that out during my stay. It also opened the door for my boys as well. My youngest isn't so shy anymore and I learned how much of a heart my oldest really had." L Sarabia-Graduate