Hampton Roads Writers, Inc.

HRW is an all-volunteer, nonprofit group of professional and aspiring writers, friends, and supporters of the arts who've joined together to promote the craft and passion of writing and the love of reading and literature in VA. We aim to encourage readers and writers of all ages and talents, as well as acknowledge and celebrate awareness of local contemporary authors and their work. We create and support literary arts events throughout Hampton Roads.

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Hampton Roads Writers provides monthly workshops, an annual writers conference, and other networking opportunities in the environs of Hampton Roads

• Show and Grow Prose Open Mics with Professional Critique: Monthly Evening DINNER and/or Saturday morning forums for writers to showcase 10 minutes of work in a friendly, encouraging environment. Critique is provided by two writing professionals. This event is FREE and open to the public.

• Traveling Pen Series of Writers Workshops: Monthly 2.5-hour workshops presented at the VB campus of Tidewater Community College. These events are open to the public with a small fee of $10 for HRW members and $20 to nonmembers. Scholarships and high school student rates are always available.

• Annual Multi-day Writers' Conference: Festival for the literary arts community. Participants attend workshops and have the opportunity to meet with literary agents, editors, and professional writers in order to increase their chances of getting published. This event is open to the public with a fee that is considerably smaller than most other literary conferences of this size and caliber. Scholarships and student rates are always available.

• Local Authorfest: Once a year opportunity for local authors' work to be showcased for 2 days during the writers conference. Free and open to the public to attend and meet authors.

Since 2008, Hampton Roads Writers:

• Hosted more than 100 Open Mic and/or Show and Grow events
• Presented more than 70 Traveling Pen writers' workshops
• Offered 1 Author Meet & Greet
• Co-sponsored a Teen Writing Contest with Samaritan House
• Co-sponsored 10 Black History Month poetry events for children with CAGHR and/or Barnes & Noble, and/or Chrysler Museum
• Created 9 multi-day writers' conferences in Virginia Beach, VA; 3 of which contained an Authorfest element
• Created 2 stand alone local Authorfest events

Author, Sally Parrott: "I learned so much in Valerie Wilkerson's workshop. I'd been writing on gut instinct alone, and she gave concrete explanations and now I understand so much more about writing. And while working on the writing exercise I had an epiphany for my latest work in progress (rhyming action is the perfect tool to get the job done!) and now I'm excited to get that written. Thanks to HRW for doing so much to help writers understand the craft so they can use it effectively."

Poet, Jean Hendrickson: "These low cost, high value workshops are the best kept secret in Hampton Roads."

Author, Susan Anne Myers Motley: "Awesome conference!"

Poet, Sharon Poch: "Exhausted and in info overload coma, but what an exciting conference! Such a wide variety of presenters--from police detective (thank you, Lt. Lovely) to poets (thank you, Charlotte Matthews), best selling authors (thank you, Mary Burton and Robert Crane), inspirational jack-of-all literary trades (thank you, John Robert Mack)--all exceptional. And those are just the presenters whose workshops I attended. Key note speeches, first line critiques, Friday night social, etc.-- perfect coming together of hard work and months of planning. Lauran and company, you are the absolute best and I thank you most of all!"

Aspiring author, Nikki Dornin: "Yours are the best conferences! I have been given a lot of information to process."

NY Times Bestselling author, Mary Burton: "Great conference! Hampton Roads Writers conference is wonderful!"

Aspiring author, Lyn Jo: "You know a conference is amazing, when choosing which sessions to attend leaves you frustrated and annoyed because you can't get to them all ! Well, done guys."

Author, Chris De Matteo: "Excellent Conference! Had a lot of fun; met many amazing people."

Literary Agent, Lucienne Diver: "Great conference. I enjoyed meeting everyone!"

Agented novelist, Karen McSpadden: "It was an awesome weekend."

Author, Frances Aylor: "Great conference. Lots of good information. Enjoyed meeting so many people."

Aspiring author, Alyssa ONeal: "Awesome conference and wish I could have gone to even more sessions. Thank you for all your hard work."

Bestselling author of 40 novels, Robert J. Crane: "Fantastic conference! Well done, Lauran, on putting it together! Had a wonderful time at the Hampton Roads Writers Conference this weekend in Virginia Beach. It's a great organization, the conference went as smooth as silk, and I met some fantastic people. Thanks for putting it all together and everyone who attended my talks! Thanks for having me. It was a wonderful conference and based on feedback from other speakers, any others I do in the future will be far less well-organized or enjoyable. Very much a perfect first conference speaking experience, on my end. You've got a marvelous group there."

Poet, Sandy Patton: The conference was exceptional. Thanks for ALL your hard work!"

Physician, Tom Cheezum: "HRW did a great job putting everything together and all ran smoothly."

Aspiring author, Nikkia Parker: "It was great! I really enjoyed it."

Author, Karrie Loomis: "I had the best time!"

Novelist and poet, Jeanette Cheezum: "Great job on the conference. I know you worked hard on it."

Memoirist, Howard Price: "I get so much out of these. I never want to miss one."

Author, Midori Bamba: "I learn so much from these Show and Grow events. Thanks for providing them."