Fundraise for Your Favorite Nonprofit!

Be a Champion!

You have a passion: It could be for animal welfare, fighting poverty, supporting the arts, or raising awareness about homelessness. We bet you also have a wonderful network of friends and colleagues in your life. Give Local 757 offers you a vehicle to connect your passion and your network by creating your own personal campaign to raise money for local nonprofits. As an individual fundraiser for your chosen nonprofit(s), you set the goal, you get the word out, and you become a champion for your cause.  You ALSO, by creating a fundraiser, can amplify the money you raise because every dollar qualifies your nonprofit(s) for cash prizes of up to $5,000!

Create Your Fundraiser

  1. Login to your Donor Account by clicking 'Login button' in upper right hand corner. If you do not have a donor account, click Create Profile
  2. Enter name of nonprofit in the 'Find Organizations' search bar and click on their profile
  3. Click 'Create a Fundraising Campaign'  
  4. Complete the form to create your campaign
  5. Click Submit

Have fun completing your campaign, because your story of why you're so passionate about this cause will inspire your friends to be part of this awesome work in our community. You will receive an email when your campaign is approved and your campaign will be live to the world! You will be able to track your donations as they happen.

Fundraiser Campaign Example:

Don't Forget the Best Part!

Share your excitement far and wide because every time you do, you will not only raise money for your cause, you help your cause win cash prizes ($757-$5,000)! Here's how:

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For Handy Reference

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