Arts Inclusion Company

Arts Inclusion Company creates an inclusive experience for persons of ALL abilities in which personal and social confidence are gained through theatrical performances, workshops, and mentorships while informing and supporting the at-large community. We are a unique theater company in that our goal is directed toward the performers' experience rather than the audience's. We endeavor to provide a professional theater experience, from auditions to curtain call, for persons of all abilities.

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There is no other organization like ours in the immediate area, and we are greater for our supporters, volunteers, audience, and most especially, our actors. Creating a cast and performing a show provide an opportunity to collaborate on a project with the single goal of presenting at a professional level. We start with our number one rule: all cast members must feel safe. From there, new build an experience that includes each person's special talents and abilities. The result: an eye-opening and moving performance in which persons with varied disabilities perform alongside those without, and it is nearly impossible to see any difference in them at all. This is offered to the cast at little to no cost; we rely heavily on a volunteer artistic staff and we partner with community organizations for rehearsal and performance space. We raise funds necessary to cover costuming, supplies, licensing and any other professional fees.

We believe that theater is a universal art form that can be shared among all; it is a language that bridges cultures and communities. Our actors gain vital skills for success in all aspects of their lives while bringing an artistic force to the community of Hampton Roads.
"When a parent witnesses their child, who cannot speak, sing along with cast mates, it is incredibly moving."

"Why is my child in AIC? Because he is included, embraced, and empowered".

"AIC provides an opportunity that otherwise is not available to my child, and it's the highlight of our year."

"My daughter wakes up the day after the show closes every year and asks when the next one is!"