Animal Resources of Tidewater

Animal Resources of Tidewater, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to creating a compassionate community where there are no more stray, abandoned, or neglected animals and where healthy and treatable animals are saved.

• Spay/Neuter - Reducing the number of homeless animals
• Medical Assistance - Supporting those in financial hardship when their pets are ill by paying vet bills
• Legislative Advocacy
• Rescue - Our members rescue dogs and cats

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Stormy is a precious long haired kitty and serves as the loving companion to her mama who adores her. Sadly, Stormy developed pyometra, a deadly and miserable infection of the uterus that required emergency surgery. Unfortunately, Stormy's mama could not afford the vet procedure. She lives on social security disability has had back surgery that lead to a triple bypass and the discovery of lung cancer which she has been fighting for several years. She maxed out her Care Credit trying to help Stormy and was desperate to save her best friend. Thankfully, ART was able to raise the funds needed to save Stormy's life. ART is the only organization in our region whose primary purpose is to help families keep their pets. In many cases, without ART's intervention, the pets would likely end up being euthanized.

In 2017 we spent over $75,000 on direct service to animals. ART is the only organization in Hampton Roads whose primary programming pays for the veterinary care of cherished pets when loving pet owners cannot afford it. Without this assistance, these pets would suffer and possibly be euthanized or surrendered to a shelter where the future would be bleak.

Seventy-five thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money but it's really only a snapshot of what is needed. We post some cases on our Facebook page but there are many where the call for assistance is life or death and there is no time to share and ask for the public's help. We can plan and raise money for heartworm treatment but not for surgery for a life-threatening blockage (cost $800-$1,000), surgery for fatal-if-not-treated uterine infections ($600-$1000), and myriad other similar life and death emergency procedures.

We believe that no pet should be surrendered to a shelter or euthanized for health reasons when the pet has a loving owner, the needed vet care is reasonable, affordable and within our means to deliver. News of our good works has spread and the funding needed to provide what is needed is even greater. More and more veterinary offices and shelters call us to help when a loving pet owner with little or no funds arrives with an ailing pet looking for assistance. The relief and compassion we offer to people and pets is absolutely unparalleled in our community and we are privileged to help when asked, but we need increased support to sustain this unique service. Your donation allows us to continue to provide free spay/neuter and veterinary care for families who love their pets just as much as you love yours but simply cannot afford the entire cost of care.

Please support us in improving the lives of the people and pets of Hampton Roads. Donate generously so that pets are altered and do not reproduce, they receive the treatment they desperately need and remain in their loving homes. You as a donor or Sustaining Member of ART make a vital and lifesaving difference! Thank you for your support.