Animal Resources of Tidewater

Animal Resources of Tidewater, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to creating a compassionate community where there are no more stray, abandoned, or neglected animals and where healthy and treatable animals are saved.

We achieve this through:

• Promoting spay/neuter
• Promoting humane treatment through lifesaving programs
• Fostering compassion and respect for all animals
• Advocating for improved laws and policies for animals and their caregivers
• Rescuing homeless animals

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Stormy is a precious long haired kitty and serves as the loving companion to her mama who adores her. Sadly, Stormy developed pyometra, a deadly and miserable infection of the uterus that required emergency surgery. Sadly, Stormy's mama could not afford the vet procedure. She lives on social security disability has had back surgery that lead to a triple bypass and the discovery of lung cancer which she has been fighting for several years. She maxed out her Care Credit trying to help Stormy and was desperate to save her best friend. Thankfully, ART was able to raise the funds needed to save Stormy's life. ART is the only organization in our region whose primary purpose is to help families keep their pets. In many cases, without ART's intervention, the pets would likely end up being euthanized.

Programs that support our mission are:
• Spay/Neuter - Reducing the number of homeless animals by preventing unwanted births
• Community Medical Assistance - Supporting citizens in financial hardship when their pets are ill by paying vet bills
• Pit Bull Awareness - Raising awareness of the true and loving nature of dogs
• Legislative Advocacy - Advocating for animals and their caregivers at local and state levels
• Rescue - Our members continue to rescue dogs and cats and adopt them to 'forever homes'