Access Partnership

Access Partnership improves access to health care for people in need in Hampton Roads. Our vision is that all residents of Hampton Roads can obtain the health care that they need to achieve personal wellness.

With a small staff and budget, Access Partnership has made great strides in improving access to health care for the uninsured and economically disadvantaged population of Hampton Roads. As a community collaboration we focus on strengthening existing programs, implementing new services for identified gaps and coordinating care for those in need. In 2016 Donated Dental Service Hampton Roads provided over $150,000 worth of dental services to qualified recipients while nearly 1,000 Dental Access Line callers were connected to dental resources.Access Partnership partnered with Atlantic Dental Care, PLC, VDAF and other community organizations to hold the first-ever Mission of Mercy project in Virginia Beach in 2016. Approximately 500 adults received free dental services provided by volunteer professionals. In March 2017, we partnered to hold the first Yorktown Mission of Mercy where 543 adults were provided services valued at $495,000. The Donated Supplies and Equipment Program linked medical supplies and durable medical equipment, valued at $300,000 to individuals, clinics, health centers and social workers. Access Partnership maintains ongoing collaboration with medical providers, charities, universities, churches, civic groups, free clinics, community health centers, departments of health, community service boards and social services departments and volunteers to ensure Hampton Roads has the resources needed to improve the health of their citizens.
1. You do so much for the community. You guys truly are a blessing. I have a client who lives in a very bad flood zone and they lost a lot of their furniture because it had grown mold. You guys were able to provide me with a lot of different things that will help this family immensely. Again thank you so much and God bless you.
2. I have to say that what this organization does is amazing! I thought that there would be a small cost or catch to receiving any equipment, but when they told me it was completely free a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I have what my mother needs when she comes to my home for visits. I would gladly volunteer my services to your organization because helping the community is such a satisfying thing. Thank you so much for your help and everything you do for our community.

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