Williamsburg Battlefield Association

Williamsburg ... between Revolution and Colonial Restoration, there was Secession, Emancipation, and Reunification. The Williamsburg Battlefield Association tells the forgotten stories of the citizens, slaves, and soldiers of Civil War Williamsburg and unifies efforts to save and preserve core Williamsburg Battlefield land where once divided causes sought to destroy each other on May 5, 1862.

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On May 5, 1862, Union and Confederate soldiers met east of Williamsburg in a battle resulting in 4,000 casualties, 7 Medals of Honor, and the town's occupation by Union forces. Williamsburg's Civil War history completes the Historic Triangle's story and attracts tourists who visit Civil War sites nationwide. Preserving the battlefield also conserves open space and our region's beauty. Preservation of undeveloped parcels occurs by purchases, easements, subdivisions & tax credits. Each takes time, coordination & networking. In the past two years, more Williamsburg Battlefield acreage has been preserved than in the previous 153 years since the battle. In 2015, Anheuser-Busch donated 65 acres of core battlefield land to the Civil War Trust. In 2016, the WBA in partnership with the Civil War Trust received grant money enabling the purchase of another 4-acre site. The WBA's vision for these parcels and those thought lost to development includes a system of trails and markers. This vision is possible by partnerships with residents, businesses, municipalities & land conservancies. Annually, the WBA participates in the Civil War Trust's National Park Day and invites volunteers from the area to help pick up trash and clear debris from these preserved lands. Keeping these lands clean and pristine is an important part of preserving them. There is still more Williamsburg Battlefield land to preserve and maintain. As the 155th anniversary of the battle approaches, please join our effort and consider a donation to the WBA on May 9, 2017!