Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School unites with family and community to provide a Christ-centered and educationally stimulating environment, where students recognize their God-given gifts and achieve their highest potential.

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As members of the Body of Christ, we are invited into a deep and active relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ. This encounter with Jesus Christ is the source and motive for the entire spiritual life at OLMC. As individuals and as a community, we encounter Christ through the liturgy, sacraments, adoration, prayer, traditional devotions and many celebrations of our faith. Herein lays the energy and enthusiasm for all we do in the educational enterprise. Parents, parishioners, faculty, staff and students regularly pray and worship together.

Our school is well on its way towards become a STREAM school. STREAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math, is an education model based off the popular STEM model which many schools are adapting. We include Religion and Arts into our cross-curriculur program. A defining characteristic of STREAM is that the subjects are not mutually exclusive and the work is typically project-based and is set in an environment of collaboration. This encourages students' development in critical thinking, as well as their willingness to experiment and build a broader range of skills and abilities.
"Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School weaves a Christian thread throughout the day, not just in religion classes; and the thread doesn't end there. It's woven into your child's life beyond school to their home and in the community."
- OLMC School Parent

"OLMC has guided me and prepared me for high school, including developing leadership skills. This school nourishes all students with Christ as the center while teaching the students lifelong academic skills."
- OLMC Graduate

"Students here can connect with each other despite being in different grade levels and we always feel like we can go to our teachers for advice. Personally, I like the sense of connection. Students can talk and even joke with older and younger students and teachers." - OLMC Student