Hampton Roads International Montessori School

Our mission is to nurture the development of each child to reach his or her fullest potential in a culturally diverse environment that is firmly grounded in the Montessori Philosophy.

HRIMS offers programs for children ages 18 months to 12 years of age. Children work at their own pace as they develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. All this takes place in a nurturing, peaceful and stimulating environment that is specifically designed to meet the changing needs of the child during each phase of his development. With guidance from trained teachers, the child explores and discovers his world through his own hands-on experience with interactive learning materials.
We did extensive research when it was time to send our daughter Hillary to school. I wanted her first educational experience to be positive and to spark a hunger to learn. I read about Montessori and was intrigued by how it allows children to follow their passions and become self-motivated, confident, joyful individuals.
When I toured HRIMS I knew this is where our family belongs. The children are happy and focused. The environment is bright and clean with positive, nurturing staff and the parents are people I would choose as friends. Hillary has been taught how to interact respectfully with others and completes unique activities every day that teach her why, not just how.
We couldn't be more pleased with the experience Hillary has had at HRIMS, and though it's sad for me when she hops out of the car at school in the morning and rushes off before telling me goodbye, I know it's because she loves HRIMS and can't wait to start her day.

-Alice Opdyke
Children's House parent

We originally chose HRIMS for our son because we have a nephew who had attended a different Montessori school and we were familiar with the Montessori philosophy of education. We liked the concepts of not only focusing on education but teaching basic living skills and responsibility as well. The positive teaching methods exercised by the school prove to be beneficial to a child's overall development. The teachers at HRIMS are not only teachers but coaches and friends to the students. HRIMS provides a learning environment that is fun, flexible and educational that proves to be development to a child's early development.

-Eric and Jullie Dignan
Children's House parents

HRIMS has been a wonderful learning environment for our two children. The Montessori method is preparing them for life in the 21st century by teaching them how to think critically and problem solve. HRIMS staff has been able to the meet the specific learning needs of our children and enable them to progress in areas where they experienced challenges. We plan to keep both our children in HRIMS through the Elementary program.
-Mike and Mary Flaherty
Children's House and Elementary parents

We wanted our girls to start their formal education at a place that would present learning as a journey and not a destination. It would encourage individualism while fostering the importance of working as a community. It would meet them where they are academically and developmentally and provide ample opportunity to grow beyond expectations. Our girls continue to have dynamic experiences within a diversified social and cultural setting. The Montessori Guides and Assistants are always well prepared and patient with the children. The administrative staff is helpful and professional. Hampton Roads International Montessori School was the right fit for our family.

-Dr. and Mrs. Joseph King
Children's House and Elementary parents