Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble

The mission of the Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble is to produce quality American wind music, promote adult bands in the greater Tidewater area, and provide educational outreach.

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Among arts and cultural organizations, The Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble leads by example, demonstrating a resolute commitment to the community, the musical arts and schools throughout Hampton Roads.

Our mission is simple - We seek to provide excellence in three areas: the musical arts, education, and community leadership.

Mission: The Mission of the Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble is to provide quality American wind music and promote adult bands in Hampton Roads and neighboring communities. We endeavor to accomplish this by offering high quality performances that engage and inspire all our listeners. The Ensemble is committed to the following:

* To make a substantial contribution to the music and artistic life of our community by providing audiences with premier wind music performances representing a wide range of musical styles, periods, and composers

* To providing the members of The Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble an opportunity for individual and collective musical expression, artistic growth and camaraderie

* To provide Education Outreach and to that end:

o By assisting in the musical education of area young people and providing students significant opportunities to hear, experience, and participate in live performances

o To provide grants and other financial assistance to promising young musicians who have participated in the Ensemble and indicated a desire to continue in the music or performing arts fields

Purpose: The Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble is an all-volunteer, non-profit concert band, which performs approximately 4 to 6 concerts per year for communities in the Hampton Roads area. As a non-profit, the Ensemble tries to give more than just music to its community. Since its founding, the band has given over seven thousand dollars in scholarships to promising young musicians permitting them to further their education. With a variety of performers, the Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble has been allowed to touch all ages within the Virginia Peninsula, while permitting the younger members to learn from the extensive experience of the older members. The Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble is a member of the Association of Concert Bands.