3e Restoration Inc.

Encouraging, equipping and empowering faith communities to help transition neighbors living through homelessness from social displacement to holistic sufficiency.

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We believe the cycle of homelessness and social displacement broken through gracious hospitality and systemic change one friend at a time. We also believe everyone deserves a home. By home we mean something more than a house. A house is a building; a home is a dwelling place. A house is made of wood or brick or mud or thatch; a home is made of stories and relationships and memories. Houses can be bought and sold but home is never up for sale. Home is a bounded place that provides both definition and openness, structure and flexibility. It is a place and space, a web of stories and symbols and rituals and relationships where a common life is cultivated and human flourishing happens. To us, home is a place of inhabitation where life is oriented toward a life-giving narrative where restoration is made possible in every human dimension-socially, emotionally, cognitively, spiritually and physically. We call this holistic sufficiency.
Watch our video stories here: https://vimeo.com/user25331410